Writing for the reader

When writing a piece of content, an important process is to keep the reader in mind. You’re aiming at them, so create a piece that captures them so they want to continue reading. The more they read, the more they are likely to purchase the product/service you’re selling. See: Copywriting.

Below are a few questions to ask you whilst creating content:             

  • What sex are they?
  • What age group are they in?
  • What do they want more/less of in their lives?
  • Where would they rather be right now?
  • What are their values?

Identifying your target audience

Many businesses know how to identify their target audience, however, the content that they have on their site is aimed at the population as a whole. Typically, women are much more interested in relationship building aspects, rather than the facts.

Despite this information, content that has been aimed at women is more likely have statistics in which can defer them away from what you’re selling and they will be likely to search elsewhere for what they need.

Something that they’re not as interested in. In turn, they will be less likely to use your business as they feel it doesn’t relate to them at all. Writing courses are also available to those who wish to extend their skills, find out more.

There is a clear difference when it comes to delivering a message to both female and male audience

The age of an individual can also affect our style of writing. For example, writing to an audience in their 20’s would be completely different compared to writing to those aged over 50. Learn how to adapt your writing. Click here.

Depending on whom you’re writing for, your tone, perspective and intent will have to change – identifying which is suitable and practising it in your work means the reader is more likely to continue reading and finally, using your service. Contact us.

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