Copywriting for dentists

We offer copywriting services to dentists who need content for their website, and also provide tips to budding copywriters.

How to write effective copy

Always step into the mind of the person who is going to be buying your product. Everything you write should meet their needs, desires, hopes, wishes, fears and dreams.

Benefits, benefits, benefits. You must always focus on the benefits of your product rather than the features. In the instance of dental services there are obviously plenty of positive features which can be focused on. People buy benefits and results – NOT features. And then they buy deep benefits. It’s all about knowing your customer. To create desire your prospect likes to know all the benefits that will happen when he or she buys your product. You need to create excitement within them – so that they can’t leave the offer and they really need your product.

Keep it simple. To write copy effectively, you have to talk to your prospect like you would talk to your friend over dinner.

Use the word ‘YOU’ – to make your prospect feel that you are talking to them personally.

Use the AIDA Formula when writing your copy: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action:

  • Get the reader’s attention (through headline and sub headline)
  • Arouse their Interest (the reader needs to be hooked from the first sentence – you only have about 10 seconds to grab their attention if you don’t you’ve lost them) the first line, the second line, the first paragraph,
  • Stimulate Desire (this is where your product benefits come in NOT features)

Ask for Action (ask for sale, give the person a reason to buy now)

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